Parent & Toddler Sessions

GRAVITY is for your younger ones too.!

For Toddlers (age 18 months - under 5) there are many ways to have fun on our trampolines in safety, by joining one of our Parent & Toddler Sessions or attending on of our Themed Events. All Toddlers must be accompanied by a paying adult unless in the Toddler Zone (check your park for this facility before booking)


Important Notes

Under 18 months – not allowed on any Activity Areas

18 months but under 5 years – must be accompanied by an adult at all times; one adult can accompany up to two children.

You must not participate if you are Pregnant

All Participants need a signed Waiver

You MUST wear Gravity Safety socks for this Event 

Parent & Toddler Sessions

We run a number of timetabled sessions where you and your toddlers (18 months - under 5yrs) have the full use of the park without older kids. They have more space and can play as they learn, building confidence at their own pace. There are other toddlers around at the same time so it's good to mix too. All Toddlers must be accompanied by a full paying Adult unless in the Toddler Zone.

Toddler Zone - not at all Parks

The Toddler Zone is available in some locations (check with park) as a place for toddlers (18 months - under 5yrs) to bounce where only they are allowed. Toddler Zones are completely surrounded by safety netting and have a number of smaller trampolines.

Toddler Themed Events

Our toddler (18 months - under 5yrs) themed events are running regularly on our established parks and have a different theme every time and fancy dress is usually part of this, along with other activities such as face painting. Our park staff get involved in the theme and the activities so your little ones can enjoy their time with us. Check each park's timetable to see what's coming up. All Toddlers must be accompanied by a full paying Adult unless in the Toddler Zone.

Toddlers in Open Jump Sessions

Toddlers (18 months - under 5yrs) can attend our regular open jump sessions, but there are some considerations to be taken into account before you decide:

  • When we are busy, there are a lot of older kids on the park and this may be intimidating to toddlers - we'd recommend avoiding our peak times, which are Friday evenings, weekends and all school and public holidays.
  • All Toddlers must be accompanied by a full paying Adult unless in the Toddler Zone. Adults that simply observe from our viewing areas don't need to pay.