Prices & Times

Remember to check the availability of your activity before you arrive so you know your session is available at the time you want. Some Open Jump Sessions are unavailable due to scheduled Classes or Sessions that use the whole park.

Arrive 45 minutes before your session starts. Booking online saves money and time.




Park Opening Times & Sessions

Open Jump is available all day except when there is a Class, Session or private event running that uses the whole park, this includes our Fitness Classes, Reduced Sound & Light sessions and Parent and Toddler sessions. Last available jump is 1hr before the closing times shown below. Check availability below and online before you leave or book online for a better price.

    Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday    Friday     Saturday   Sunday 
Opening Times 10am-9pm 10am-9pm 10am-9pm  10am-9pm 10am-10pm 9am-10pm 9am-9pm
Fitness Classes 7pm & 8pm   7pm & 8pm        

Reduced Sound & Light Sessions

Parent & Toddler 10am & 11am 10am & 11am 10am & 11am 10am & 11am 10am & 11am 9am & 10am 10am


    Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday    Friday     Saturday   Sunday 
Opening Times 9am-10pm 9am-10pm  9am-10pm  9am-10pm  9am-10pm 9am-10pm 9am-10pm
Fitness Classes 7pm & 8pm   7pm & 8pm        
Reduced Sound & Light Sessions             9am 
Parent & Toddler   9am & 10am 9am & 10am 9am & 10am  9am & 10am 9am & 10am  9am & 10am 10am

All activities require a signed safety agreement. Minimum age 18 months. All under 18's must have a safety agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian. Sign your safety agreement online for a faster check in experience.

Age Restriction

Under 18 months – not allowed on any Activity Areas

18 months but under 5 years – must be accompanied by an adult at all times; one adult can accompany up to two children

5 years but under 13 years – allowed unaccompanied, but must be supervised

13 years but under 18 years – allowed unaccompanied and unsupervised

Minimum age for Urban Climb is 4yrs. Under 13yrs to be supervised by an adult

Fitness Class attendees must be over 14 years

You must not participate in any Park events if you are Pregnant.


Open Jump

Walk in £13.50, Online or Call to Book £11.48

Socks £2.50

1hr additional bounce - £4.95

Check there are no Sessions or Classes running at the time you want. Go online to check availability before you leave.

Gravity Rocks Urban Climb

30 minute Climb only £9.95 - available all day

Climb and Jump Combo Walk in £16.95 Online £14.41

Children 12 years and under need to have an adult on premises when climbing.

Reduced Sound & Light Sessions

No Open Jump session available during these times - session takes whole park

All sessions as Open Jump pricing

Socks for sessions £2.50

Fitness Classes

Monday & Wednesday 7pm & 8pm

No Open Jump session available during these times - Class takes whole park

Over 14's only

£5.00 per class

£24.00 for 6 classes = £4.00 per class

£36.00 for 12 classes = £3.00 per class

Valid to use until 31st March 2019

Socks for fitness classes £2.50

Parent & Toddler

No Open Jump session available during these times - session takes whole park

Age 18 months to under 5 years

Parent and Toddler Sessions (Must have 1 adult per 2 Toddlers) - £6.00 per Toddler - 1 parent per family goes free - use the code on the webstore.

Additional Adult £6.00

Socks £2.50

After Dark

Gravity’s After Dark event is the perfect Friday night party. Permanently party time, there’s a soundtrack and light show perfectly suited to a fun Friday night – celebrate the weekend at After Dark!

Every Friday night from 7 - 10pm. 7 - 8pm 8yrs and over then from 8 - 10pm for 16yrs and over recommended. Arrive 20 minutes before your session.

Prices as per Open Jump sessions