Are we COVID-19 Secure? 

Yes, and we are following the recommended government guidelines and in many cases doing more to ensure our customers and staff enjoy a safe and fun environment. 

Measures include additional cleaning regimes, capacity reductions, spaced seating, additional staff training and support, as well as regular safety audits by our experienced managers. 

Is hand sanitiser available? 

Yes, sanitiser stations are available throughout Gravity and are cleaned and topped up regularly. 

How are we looking after our team?

We are one team, and everyone has a role to play, the teams' safety is of paramount importance to us. In addition to the regular training in cleaning and hygiene, they've all received COVID specific training modules to complete and pass before returning to active duties.

Are our staff being tested for COVID-19?

Of course, if they are required to do so and in line with NHS/government guidance and/or a medical professionals advice. We are very clear that if a staff member has symptoms or have been around people with symptoms, they should remain at home. 

Will our staff wear PPE? 

Yes, our staff will be equipped with face visors and gloves at all times while working with our customers. What PPE our staff wear may differ depending on what job they do; however, PPE is always equipped and used where government guidance requires it.

Do our customers need to wear PPE?

Our customers do not need to wear PPE to visit Gravity. As well as the control measures implemented throughout our spaces to reduce the risk of transmission, you will be encouraged to stay with your own group and keep a suitable distance from others at all times. This means you can enjoy your visit within your own space, and without the need for PPE. 

What if I am concerned about COVID safety before, during or after my visit?

If you have any concerns or queries before or after your visit, please don't hesitate to contact us using the 'CONTACT' section of our website. If you would like to speak with us during your visit, ask any member of our team and they will be more than happy to help. We are already doing everything we can to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers, but your feedback is always welcomed. 

Do I have to pre-book my visit? 

Pre-booking is recommended and means you won't be disappointed or have to wait. You can check availability via our website and book your slot. 

How will social distancing work? 

Capacity will be reduced. Tables and seating will be spaced in line with government guidelines. Plus the Gravity team will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Are the classes suitable for me?
The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and for ages 14 years and over. All exercises are clearly demonstrated and where appropriate easier &/or more difficult alternatives are given for certain exercises.