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Open Jump

What's Included?

OPEN JUMP sessions include the use of our main court area, including dodgeball court, foam pit and slamdunk basketball zone. Use of the dodgeball court is not guaranteed as it may be being used for a scheduled activity.
Booking timeslots are 1 hour in duration and a new timeslot starts every half hour. Each park has a maximum number of  "jumpers" on the activity areas at any time.

The Booking Process

Booking is best done ONLINE to make sure you reserve your timeslot and the ticket price is also cheaper. We may have a limited number of available tickets if you arrive without a booking, but this is NOT guaranteed, particularly at PEAK TIMES and walk-in tickets are strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

For optimum security, we operate a webstore that is separate from our website. To get to our webstore click on the BOOK button at the top. If you haven't yet selected a Gravity Park, you'll be prompted to do so and then click on a link to our webstore.

NOTE:  FULL PAYMENT is required at the time of booking. 

Before you Arrive

All you need is your BOOKING REFERENCE from the online booking system and your Safety Agreement NUMBER which is at the bottom of every page and in the electronic signature block on the last page of the Safety Agreement. You don't need to print anything to bring with you, however if you do it will speed up the check-in process as we can scan the barcode to find your booking.

 Don't forget to bring your safety socks with you if you have them already!



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What's included?

Parties include everything detailed on the PARTY PAGE for your chosen GRAVITY park plus the food package you select. Parties are 1hr50mins in duration and start every half an hour from 10am until as late as 8:30pm at weekends for kids parties; adult parties can be later. We have multiple party areas, so more than one party can run at the same time.

What do I need in order to book?

You’ll need an online account with us to complete your booking. If you already have one because you have booked online with us before, you can use that account. If not, you’ll be directed to the right place to set up an account towards the end of the booking process. Either way, you need to make sure that the guest of honour for the party is named in your account as you’ll be asked to select them as the guest of honour; you’ll be taken through this process at the right time.

Once you’ve decided on the party package you want, go to our webstore via the link on our PARTIES page and you’ll be taken directly to the parties booking section of our webstore. You’ll be taken through the process of entering the number of guests, selecting a time, selecting options and the guest of honour before going to check-out, where you can log in to an existing account or create a new account.

Our parties team will review your party and send a confirmation email to you, or make contact if there are any questions that they have. In that email, there’ll be a link to the e-vites section of our webstore where you can start inviting friends to the party and see their RSVP’s as they reply. It may be the following day when the confirmation email is sent.

NOTE:  FULL PAYMENT is required at the time of booking. 

If you're not sure which party is for you, go to the Party Options tab. Make sure you have selected the park you want as party food options differ between parks.

What Happens Next?


If your chosen party food package has options for your guests to select, we will contact you via email nearer the time of your party to confirm the food order.

As the organiser of the party, you’ll be responsible for gathering the food orders for the other guests and we recommend doing this once all of the RSVP’s are confirmed. Send the parents a link to the PARTIES page of our website and identify the party package to them, so they can see the options for their kids and send them back to you.


Party food has to be confirmed at least a week before the party date, so if your party package includes choices, make sure you have everyone’s selection more than a week before. Same with Safety Agreements – make sure all aprticipants have signed Safety Agreements that will be in date on the day of the party. For kids parties make sure all the parents confirm to you that they have a signed Safety Agreement for their child that will be IN DATE on the day of the party.