Fitness Classes

Our TRAMPOLEAN classes provide fun-packed fitness with enhanced health benefits:

Improved cardiovascular health
Better balance and core strength
Enhanced coordination
Improved immune system & lymphatic health
Accelerated weight loss

Class Information

High Intensity Interval Training Classes on a trampoline gets your blood rushing, energy high, it tones and conditions and burns fat.

Sunday at 9am, Monday at 7pm and Wednesday at 1pm. Sign your safety agreement online for a faster check in experience.


Fitness Class FAQ

What are the benefits?
Each of our workouts are designed to help you burn calories, improve your cardiac & oxygen capacities and to build your overall strength & muscle tone. The workouts are unique, interesting and tough, leaving you feeling energised and invigorated at the end of each class.
Why exercise on a Trampoline?
You get all the benefits of traditional exercise… and more:
•Fun form of exercise – the more fun you have during exercise the more likely you are to continue with it.
•Improved Cardiovascular capacity – when performed regularly at a moderate to vigorous intensity by increasing heart and breathing rate during each session.
•Improved Lymphatic Function – trampolining is particularly effective at stimulating the lymph system and increases lymph flow substantially.
•Lower impact on joints & fewer injuries – much less likely to suffer from impact based injuries associated with more common forms of exercise such as running.
•Improved coordination & balance - primarily through strengthening your core and deep stabilising muscles
Are the classes suitable for me?
The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and age groups, all exercises are clearly demonstrated and where appropriate easier &/or more difficult alternatives are given for certain exercises.
Will they help me achieve my goals?
If you are looking to improve your health & fitness, if you want to exercise to support your weight loss goals or if you just want to come along and have fun then our classes are the perfect answer for YOU!

Do I need to complete a medical questionnaire?
When attending your first class please complete one of our PAR-Q health questionnaires and bring it along with you.