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Gravity offers schools the chance to bounce themselves fit whilst having fun. There are a whole range of school trips.





Fun for them, confidence for you

Welcome to Gravity. A trampoline park that understands teachers’ needs as well as children’s, delivering an easy-to-follow lesson plan that’s fun and safe. Each session is run by an experienced, first aid-trained supervisor who has the credentials to nurture skill, increase stamina and build confidence. Working alongside our Primary Authority, Wakefield Council, we engage with children from the age of five. 

It't exercise in disguise

Whether it’s a one hour ‘reward’ bounce, or as part of a weekly programme delivering an alternative PE lesson, we have the skills in-house to meet your learning objectives as part of the National Curriculum. Lessons last up to one hour depending on your package, and pupils are guaranteed to finish exhilarated, alert and wanting more. A separate written part of the lesson can be provided – and when it’s lunchtime, you and your group will have access to Gravity’s clean and bright canteen facilities

Health & Safety

Gravity is a Board member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP). We co-authored the new British Standard for the construction of, and operational guidance on, the U.K. Trampoline Park Industry, so you can rest assured we are delivering sessions that are safe, engaging and beneficial to the individuals of your class or group. All our parks are ADIPS inspected and risk assessments, method statements and all insurance documents will be provided on booking.