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It might seem like a foolish idea to start up a company as the world still recovers from the pandemic, let alone a leisure business – but now really is the right time to do it.


Less risk

The beauty of joining a franchise business as a franchise partner is there is less risk than starting up your own company. Franchisors carry a lot of the risk on the franchisees behalf as they have already learnt from operational mistakes made. At Gravity, we mitigate risk by not only sourcing the perfect site, but we also negotiate the best deal with the Landlord, provide architects drawings and project manage the fit-out for the franchisees. We launch an opening marketing campaign, train the franchisees and their staff and ensure compliance from insurances to health and safety. Ongoing marketing, IT, operational and compliance support is in place for the duration of the franchise agreement term. This means that each franchisee can concentrate on the daily running of their site, and generate maximum revenue.

Diverse product portfolio

At Gravity we provide active entertainment and leisure activities for all ages, having diversified our product offering over the years. For us, it’s about providing fun and safe entertainment for the whole family. Across most of the network we have the trampolines, soft play and inflatables for toddlers and children (daily parent and toddler sessions provide a lucrative income across the network.) Mini-golf, bowling, darts, live music and good food at Gravity Social attracts young adults, whilst the new Wandsworth site in London will attract all ages, from families - to stag and hen dos, to evenings out with friends and corporate events. Wandsworth will house conference rooms, e-karting, bowling, VR rooms, FEC, Gaming, Darts, Mini-golf, two restaurants, and an over 18’s only bar.

High street retail is declining 

Bad for landlords – good for leisure. As more and more people turn to the internet to shop these days, retail giants are saving money by shutting their high street stores across the country. Leisure needs a certain amount of space to operate safely and right now the high street is littered with suitable sized units ripe for the taking. Gravity is able to use its good reputation and brand recognition to negotiate deals with landlords. Often obtaining large contributions (up to £2.1m) which are passed to new franchisees to aid with fit out and build up.


Alike lots of other industries during 2020, leisure was hit hard by the pandemic. This meant that unfortunately a lot of leisure operators haven’t survived. Co-owners Michael and Harvey have always worked hard to ensure that Gravity had a strong business model, with a diversified product offering catering to all ages, no debt, and a strong balance sheet. This meant that the business not only survived the pandemic, but thrived when the sites were allowed to reopen, exceeding breakeven target even with the Scotland parks remaining closed. Competition has gone down during the pandemic and leisure businesses with a diversified model like Gravity, are taking advantage of this.

People need entertainment

Adults and children have been stuck at home for over a year – something that no one saw coming. As the world reopens, so does leisure, which is not only a great industry for children’s health and entertainment, but for adults too.

Opportunities are rife in the leisure industry for all the above reasons, and Gravity is primed to take advantage of these and grow. If you want to own a successful leisure business and become a Gravity franchise partner – get in touch today.