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Both training and compliance are very important at Gravity. From brand protection and a health and safety point, it is imperative that each franchisee and all staff members are fully trained and up to date with both topics.

Each franchisee and their general managers will go on a 2-week compulsory training course with HQ a few weeks prior to opening their own site. The first week will be classroom led learning and the second week will be practical learning in an established Gravity Park.

Gravity will then assign a general manager from another site to work at the new franchisees site for a few weeks to help iron out any issues that might arise and be used as general support.

Gravity has a training software platform that is to be used by all staff across the business. Every time a new staff member is hired, they will be assigned remote specific training courses to complete within a set period of time. The software is also used for continuous professional development and will assign each staff member refresher courses throughout the year.

The compliance team look after all aspects of compliance throughout the network, including but not limited to, Licences, Councils, Health and safety, Risk, Insurances, Fire alarms, Lifts, Facilities and CCTV.

Much like the IT department, the compliance team gets involved at the build stage of the site. They have access to the Eagle Eye CCTV software and are in charge of monitoring that.

They also manage the over-arching insurance policies that Gravity has in place for the network and add each franchise to it. Initially each site is covered by build insurance, but the compliance team will also ensure each site is more than adequately covered for public liability, product liability and employer’s liability.

The compliance team look after all licences and registrations needed for each site as well. From having a premises licence, liquor licence, food registration, music licence or an IATP licence (international association of trampoline parks), they will ensure everyone is covered and compliant.

The team also use a software which carries out regular risk and health and safety audits on each site. This information is then fed back to the franchisees and general managers.

Another software is used to encourage visitors to complete customer satisfaction surveys and this information is logged on record. Any complaints go to the head of the centralised Gravity call centre to deal with, rectify and feedback to the relevant site.

Gravity help to cover all aspects of training and compliance in all parks, so that the franchisee and their team can do what they do best – ensuring the parks are busy, and people are having FUN. If you want to learn more about being part of the movement and becoming a Gravity Franchise Partner, get in touch today.