Due to the success, ongoing growth and business performance of the Gravity model, franchisees can  benefit can benefit from additional funding and start-up investment from Gravity HQ. In some instances, this had led to some sites benefitting from up to £1.5 million in start-up support.

Where Gravity can leverage this funding, the full amount will be passed on to the new franchisee.


A Gravity experience is built to last. We are fully compliant with all the new latest regulations, and utilise the leading manufacturer whose 50 years of experience to ensures your visitors and staff are safe.

Our parks are always eye-catching and well-branded - from our premium equipment and unrivalled visitor experience, to our unique sound and light shows that help to set us apart.





Set up costs vary depending on location and park size. All costs in GBP.



If you’re ready to learn more about becoming a Gravity franchisee, please get in touch.

· We will discuss opportunities to learn more about you and your background.
· Get the full financial picture, subject to an NDA.
· If discussions are successful, we will invite you to formally apply for a franchise.
· Onboarding into our franchise network begins with a full training package.
· We will work closely with you to launch your park and develop your territory.

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