How to Book

To book your activities with us, you'll need to visit our secure webstore where you can set up an account, book activities and events and sign a safety agreement online. The following gives a guide to the steps you'll need to take - make sure you understand these before going to our webstore to book.

Pick a Park

You can book online or over the phone for most activities, but some activities can only be booked over the phone. Select your park by going to our Home Page and using the location picker on the video, the pull down Locations picker at the top of the page or the location pin on the Map


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Choose Activity & Book

Each Park offers a slightly different range of activities, so make sure you've checked on the activity timetable of your chosen park before deciding your activity and time slot! The activity timetables are on the park home page; you can find this by clicking TIMES in the park menu bar anytime after you've selected your park. Activity times may be different during holiday times, so make sure you're looking at the right timetable for when you plan to visit. If you see a BOOK NOW button next to your activity, you can book online OR by calling, but if you see CALL TO BOOK, you can only book by phone.

Sign your Safety Agreement

Everyone needs a signed safety agreement before using our parks, this is so we know that you are aware of and understand the risks associated with Trampolining. Anyone under 18 has to have their safety agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian. You can sign when you arrive at one of our safety agreement stations, or online if you’re eager to just get bouncing! safety agreements are signed online at our webstore when you book, or can be signed at any time by following the link to our webstore below the timetable for your park.

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You need to be wearing special trampoline socks to go on the trampolines, these make sure you don’t slip – they’re brightly coloured and you get to keep them, just remember to bring them back with you next time you visit. Then, before bouncing you’ll be taken to a safety briefing area where you’ll watch a short video which explains the "do’s" and the "do not’s" of bouncing on the trampoline park. Please pay attention to this video as it’s for your own safety.


Arrive 20 minutes early

Arrive at least 20 minutes before your time slot (45 at our Bluewater Park) to make sure your session doesn’t start without you! When you arrive you'll need to check in and watch the safety video and you'll maybe need time to secure your possessions in one of our lockers too. You can save some time by signing the safety agreement online, that’s one less thing to do when you arrive!

Ready to Book?

If you haven't already selected your park:


or select TIMES from the park menu bar to see activity times at your park