Choose 1 main...
Cheese & Tomato Pizza (v)
6 Chunky Chicken Nuggets
5 Fish Fingers
Smothered Chicken (smothered in tomato sauce and cheese)
Double Cheesy Burger (Two 2oz burgers with cheese and lettuce in a bun)

Choose 1 side...
Mash (v)
Garlic Bread (v) 
Sunshine Vegetable Rice (v) 
Mini Jackets (ve)
Chips (v)

Choose 1 veg...
Mini corn on the cob (ve)
Carrots (ve)
Baked Beans (ve)
Garden Peas (ve)
Carrot & Cucumber Veg Sticks (ve)

Choose 1 dessert...
- Gooey Chocolate Brownie (comes with scoop on vanilla ice and chocolate sauce) (v)
- Mini Mania Sundae (scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Chocolate sauce, M&M’s, Twix fingers, topped with cream)
- Chocolate Pizza Slices (cookie base topped with brownie pieces and marshmallows, served with strawberries)
- 2 Scoops of ice Cream (vanilla/vegan vanilla, chocolate, lemon curd sorbet, topped with strawberry or chocolate sauce)

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