Feel the rush of oxygen as you experience the force of GRAVITY

Open jump sessions allow you to use our trampolines, dodgeball court, battle beams, airbag, basketball and more...


Feel the rush of oxygen as you experience the force of Gravity! There is no better feeling, whatever your move or style, you can jump, bounce, hop and dance through the air on our extreme trampolines. As a guest at Open Jump, you can use the general park activity areas - for 60 minute sessions, starting every half hour through the day. 

At Open Jump we have a variety of activities available and you can use our open trampoline area, dodgeball court, air bags and slam dunk zones. Check and book online for the time you want to jump as we have some scheduled sessions that use the whole park.


Our Parent & Toddler pricing is now available during Off Peak Open Jump Sessions. £6 per Toddler plus 1 free parent per family.

Go to our normal Open Jump section and choose any Off Peak time (not applicable weekends or holidays or after 4pm on Fridays) and apply the free parent code P&T-5.

As usual you must have 1 parent per max 2 toddlers - put the total number of participants in the cart when you book. All toddlers, plus free adult, plus additional paying adults.


Under 18 months – not allowed on any activity areas.

18 months but under 5 years – must be accompanied by an adult at all times; one adult can accompany up to two children.

5 years but under 13 years – allowed unaccompanied, but must be supervised.

13 years but under 18 years – allowed unaccompanied and unsupervised.

Fitness Class attendees must be over 14 years.

You must not participate in any Park events if you are pregnant.