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The starting grid is full. The atmosphere is electric. Put the pedal to the metal and discover the true meaning of adrenaline.

Race our all-electric go-karts through the busy Japanese streets to test your skill, reflexes and nerve. Speed through 8-metre downhills into high-speed banked corners and leave your friends and family in the dust. 

With the most high-powered e-Karts on the market, this is multiple laps of unbridled excitement.


Think you know bowling? Think again. Welcome to the next generation – ten-pin bowling with augmented reality.

The lanes come to life at our state-of-the-art 14-lane bowling alley. Pick your lane theme or show off your photos on the screens. Aim for the pins and watch your ball light up the lane – then jump for joy if you hit a strike! Check your score on the heads-up display that projects points and stats directly on the lanes.


Take aim and swing. It’s time to take a bite of some Big Apple crazy golf.

Enjoy 10 holes of urban street golf in the heart of New York, New York. You’ll go for a hole-in-one across Central Park and city streets – with some iconic NY sights all set to challenge your skills.

State-of-the-art tech links your putter to your app – so you can track your game, get tips and log scores.


Experience the thrill of the throw.

Take flight in our captivating darts experience of the future. Your digital display will guide you all through the game, throw by throw, leaving you free to focus on the fun. Bullseye!

Will you play a traditional game of arrows or spice things up with a new challenge? As things get hectic, can you keep your cool? When the pressure is high, will your aim be true?


Mix up your socialising and team-building with something a little different.

Our immersive Electric Gamebox invites you to step into the Gamebox and enter a fully-private, interactive digital room featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to enjoy a hyper-immersive 60 minute adventure.

Perfect for teams to pit their wits against each other.


Call yourself a gamer? 

Come and prove it in our E-sports Gaming Arena. The best games on the latest consoles are paired with state-of-the-art screens and controllers for flawless performance. 

Challenge your mates to decide who rules on the football pitch once and for all. Or experience the thrill of shooters, with powerful sound that drops you in the middle of the action. With rookie matches and high-stakes tournaments alike, play will never be the same again.


Jump on the joystick and indulge yourself in gaming bliss.

Funbox is our exciting mix of pure arcade nostalgia with the latest innovations for fun-lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Our collection of arcade machines include exclusive games never released for home consoles, as well as one or two names you might just recognise. Are you ready to play?

Then insert coin here…


What a birthday treat, next generation – ten-pin bowling with augmented reality. The lanes come to life at our state-of-the-art 14-lane bowling alley. Aim for the pins and watch your ball light up the lane – then jump for joy if you hit a strike! Choose from one or two games for your party group.  All party packages include food and drink, plus extras are available. 

Book today from £16.95pp 


Push your friendships to the limit!

Shuffleboard is the ultimate pub game guaranteed to bring out the competitive side in anyone.

Try to score points by pushing your pucks to the opposite end of the table. But be careful – one false move and your opponent can knock you right out of the lane in this super addictive game.

Once you shuffle, you’ll never stop.


Beautiful natural light and jaw-dropping interior design – our New York loft bar is the talk of the town.

Snag a booth by the windows or cosy up in a private corner and relish the atmosphere. Ask your bartender to mix up a Newton’s signature cocktail or choose from the wide menu of drinks and snacks.

We’re your new favourite hangout, whether you’re catching your breath before your next experience or simply dropping in after a day of exploring the shops.


An authentic Japanese noodle bar serving delicious street food and drinks.

Watch our chef prepare your dish in the open kitchen as you soak up the ambience.

Dazzling paper lanterns and string lights hang overhead, while Japanese shopfronts will transport you to the heart of Tokyo.

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