Gravity Rocks are more than just climbing walls, they’re designed to push you to your limits. Each wall is individually themed and aimed at different levels of fitness and ability... Rock On!

What is it?

Our trampolines are renowned as an anti-gravity experience, but now we have another off-the-ground adventure. Gravity Rocks pushes the boundaries to help you push your own, whilst having a LOT of fun.

Gravity Rocks is pleased to showcase various rock climbing walls which more-likely resemble art installations, with each feature themed to match your level of fitness and ability to achieve your goals. Our expertly-trained staff are also always on guard to ensure you’re in safe hands.

Age Restrictions

No children under 4 years of age allowed

Children 12 and under should be checked by an adult

What can I do?

A party at Gravity Rocks is bound to be a hit with your little ones and their friends. Our climbing parties are suitable for all ages and include party food choices such as Hot Dogs or from the brands you love including Nando's, Pizza Express and Frankie and Benny's.

Why not have your party at Gravity and choose from our Pizza Hut or Hot Dog party in combination with your climb?

Have fun with friends and family by hosting your party at GRAVITY. Parties are managed from start to finish by our special party teams.

Safety First

Briefing and Safety Rules include: proper fitting of the harness, instruction in use of the carabiners, safety checks before, during and jumping down from your climb, and a demonstration of 'safe' climbing in the arena.

Children 12 years and under need to have an adult on premises when climbing.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes for climbing and sports type footwear.

General Safety Rules:

Harnesses must be worn at all times when climbing

Only one person on a challenge at a time

A safety briefing must be completed

Check out down below before you jump down

No climbing without being clipped properly into the auto belay

No children under 4 years of age allowed

Children 12 and Under checked by an adult

No food or drink in the climbing arena

Climbing is an alcohol free activity at GRAVITY

Age Restrictions

No children under 4 years of age allowed, Children 12 and Under checked by an adult.